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SPC procedures for qualifiying drilling rock bits manufacturers

S.P.C. is willing to qualify drilling rock bits manufacturers to add them to its drilling rock bits manufacturers vender list according to specific procedures.
The procedures are:

  • A- First Stage:

    1)   The manufacturer should send his technical and financial qualification documents.
    2)   The manufacturer should send a valid ISO certificate.
    3)   The manufacturer should send his international sales records and customer's addresses. If the manufacturer hasn't any international sales he will be rejected.
    4)   S.P.C. will ask some of the manufacturer's customers to send drilling bits performance to S.P.C., and if the results are negative the manufacturer will be disqualified.

  • B- Second Stage:

    Of the manufacturer passed the first stage, S.P.C. will start oil field trials as following:
    1)   The manufacturer should submit the following bits Free of Charge, which will be runned in S.P.C. oil fields (Hassakeh Oilfield and Jbissa Oil Field):
    2)   The trial of the above mentioned bits will be under the manufacturer's representatives supervision and on manufacturer's account.
    3)   If any bit failed during the trial, the trial will be stopped and the manufacturer will be disqualified.
    4)   The performance evaluation will be according to the following equation:
    Cost / m = rig cost per hour × (drilling hours + trip hours) + bit cost
    Drilling meters
    5) The manufacturer should submit his price list for the drilling bits which will be run in order to evaluate their performance according to the above mentioned equation.
    6) The trial will be considered successful in case the results in both Hassake and Jbissa Oil Fields will be positive (The cost/m by the trial bits should be less or equal to the cost/m by comparison bits).

  • C- Third Stage:

    If the manufacturer passed first and second stages, so S.P.C. will:
    1) Delegate technical committee to visit the manufacturer's mills and facilities and report S.P.C. administration.
    2) If the report is positive, so the manufacturer will be considered qualified and will be included to S.P.C. Drilling Bits Vendors.